God’s divine attribution to man is not according to mans effort but according to his infinite grace and Love. Almighty God mandates his servants and sent them each to execute his mandate by the perfect leadership of the Holy Spirit. Man does not choose himself to serve God but God chooses his servants and assigns them to serve him.


Prophet Frank A. N. was born on the 12th of November 1980 on the bare road (street) in the center of a remote village called Bafut in the North West Region of Cameroon – Central Africa. His Birth was really a divine happening as it happened in the center square of this village. Where he was born was long time named “Nsaniwunwi” which means “a field of God’s child”. So the place where he was suppose to land was already prepared by God almighty and given a name. When he was born instantly, the Holy Spirit introduced his name in the heart of his mother and one “good Samaritan” who who helped in the process. They gave him the name Frankline Afanwi . Afanwi is a Bafut word that which means “God Given”.


The call of God’s Mandate started manifesting in his life when he was in studying his degree program. This happened within his training in Information technology. In a vision, the lord took Prophet Frank to a high Mountain. The Mountain suddenly became a filled with dazzling light and the voice of the lord spoke from the middle of where he was and surrounded by this dazzlinglight, “I am making you a father of Nations”. Among many other Visions. The power of God landed on him in the middle of a street in Akwa a Neighborhood in Douala ( the economic capital of Cameroon). “ I have been telling you to serve me but you do not want to”. Prophet Frank after hearing the voice knelt down lifted up his Bible saying “ From today Lord, I will serve you with everything of mine without reservations until the end time comes until you come again”.