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Education is a fundamental right of every child and most be promoted at all cost. This inalienable Right is enshrined in the UN Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Education remains a conditio sine quanon for the emergence of any society but its content must be adapted towards job creation and problem solving.

Prophet Franklin Ndifor Afanwi says he will decree a free education for primary and secondary schools in Cameroon immediately he is elected come October 7. The candidate of the Cameroon National Citizenship Movement party, CNCM adds that learning will be made compulsory to all children of school going ages and parents risk being charged  should they refuse sending  their children to school. The 38 year old presidential aspirant who hails from Bafut in the North West Region of Cameroon, insist on reforming the education sector and make it highly professional and practical.

Furthermore, school programmes will be built in such a way that students will graduate with high level professional skills, they will be job creators and problem solvers and not job seekers like what happens today. This reform project, comes against the backdrop of the failed colonial system of education in Cameroon, where over ninety percent of graduates depend heavily on the government for jobs, including a skyrocketing level of unemployment and underemployment.

The prophet reveals that he will industrialize  Cameroon within the shortest time possible. His vision of industrialization, is to create giant enterprises and  industries which will be able to transform  local products into finished goods for exportation. More to that, he will also create a favourable atmosphere for business transactions which will attract massive foreign investors into the country. This move if implemented according to political Economist, it will trigger huge job opportunities better salaries and consequently, good living condition of the people.

Presidential Aspirant, Frankline Ndifor Wins Support Of Douala Imams And Muslim Leaders

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Early today, presidential aspirant Prophet Frankline Ndifor Afanwi met with some prominent Muslim leaders and Imams in Douala.

Led by Imam Useni, these key leaders pledged their unending support his candidature for the 2018 Presidential elections.

CNCM is objective in building a new Cameroon through her candidate and this can only come through the people’s unending support !


Ce fut un honneur pour moi de recevoir les bénédictions des Serviteurs de Dieu à Douala aujourd’hui.

Category : NEWS

Tôt ce matin,candidat à la présidentielle, le Prophète Frankline Ndifor Afanwi, a rencontré quelques leaders éminents musulmans et Imams à Douala.

Mené par l’Imam Useni, ces principaux dirigeants se sont engagés à apporter leur appui inlassable à sa candidature vis-à-vis les élections présidentielles 2018.

La CNCM a pour objectif de construire un Cameroun nouveau à travers son illustre candidat et cela ne peut venir que du soutien indéfectible du peuple!


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